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forever · your · lil · whore

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Currently on hiatus...will return eventually.
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Fuck, I cannot take this give me a order.
Current Mood:
crazy crazy
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I want to feel your hands . I want to feel your touch.
I would give anything to feel your flesh.
Waiting, to feel you.
My senses are going to explode like a firecracker when you grace me with your presence.
Current Mood:
stressed stressed
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Actually , I'd like it if you made me sit infront of you and beg you to torture me.
Current Mood:
contemplative contemplative
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Beat me .
I ask you to Beat the shit out of me.
Then fuck me gently.
Current Mood:
depressed depressed
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Your marks faded from my flesh . I can't see your hand print on my inner thigh anymore. I need you burned into my flesh. I need to be able to look at it. It makes me feel warm, without it I feel cold.
I want you to spank my breasts .. I want blisters and hand prints all over both of them. I don't want to be able to wear a low cut shirt.
Control me fuck me consume me.
I don't want to be able to hide that i am marked , that i am owned.
I would do anything for you even if i was humiliated to tears.
Fuck me hard turn my legs into a wobbly mess.
Then bind my hands behind my back. Put a book on my head and make me walk across the room naked when i drop it spank me until i can do it without dropping it. Each time i drop it spank me harder.
Current Mood:
determined determined
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I want to do something i have never done before .
Current Mood:
irritated irritated
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First I would like you to slide your cock into me just long enough to make me want it, let me get the feel of you deep in me. Pull out even if I beg you to continue fucking me even if my lil thighs refuse to let you out of my grasp. Pull out shove your cock deep into my throat. Lean my head off the bed get behind me shove your cock deeper. When you come go all inside my mouth but don't let me swallow even if you have to hold my mouth open with your fingers shoving them in my mouth to make sure i dont swallow. With your hand get me off don't let me swallow till i come for you. Then shove your fingers in my pussy getting them all wet with my come at that point let me swallow your come whats in my mouth. Then i want you to put your hand in my mouth and make me suck all my juices and come off your fingers. Turn me over make me put my hands behind my back put your fingers around my neck and squeeze tight and fuck my ass .
Current Mood:
devious devious
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This site is fucking hot!
(stolen from xxfiregirlxx)
here there are many different samples of girls getting face-fucked and gagging and puking. there are 10 different pages of about 5 samples on each page.
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(please read to end. if you've commented in my journal, there'll be *something* in here that applies directly to you, though not necessarily everything)

This journal is first and foremost for the amusement of my master, secondly to help with my expression of my naughtier side, and third because I'm a dirty lil whore and sometimes I like to be on display for all the world to see my shiny little cum-covered face. (metaphorically speaking -I doubt that actual photographs will be on display to the public -only to very special friends)

(and upon rereading your comments, I guess that this next part only applies to a few of you -just know that)
Okay, I get it. You'd like to fuck me. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm a hot chick who likes to guzzle cum and likes to be used and abused any way her master sees fit, so I understand the appeal. *I'd* like to fuck me. But if you can't write anything interesting for me to reply to -I won't.

So, by promising to nibble on my breasts or to come on my face, even though I love to be licked and kissed all over and to just be dripping with yummy cum, you really aren't saying anything that hasn't been said or done before. Put a little effort into it, and maybe you might get somewhere. Maybe a nice story, or pictures of you giving it hard to some convenient little fucktart in some deviant and disturbing fashion -then you might get my attention for a little while.

Some of you have had very interesting journals. I read them from time to time. Some of you have really good interests that make me wet just thinking about it, but have journals that are all but empty. If you don't have anything titillating to contribute in your own journal, how are you supposed to catch my eye? _dirtylilgirl for example, your interests are great, but -other than that, what do I know about you?

Not really bitching, just letting you know.
All that aside, your comments *have* been appreciated.

Oh, except for one thing. If you don't know the difference between 'too' and 'to'? then piss the fuck off.
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